Joining the Paulson Institute

Starting this month, I will be a nonresident senior fellow at the Paulson Institute, the Chicago-based think tank. Yes, I’m still based in Beijing and working full-time at Gavekal, but I hope this affiliation will give me a chance to contribute a bit more to some of the public debates on China. I had a very good experience working with the Paulson Institute’s people on the paper I did for them a couple of years ago on state-owned enterprises, and I look forward to doing more good work with them. Thanks to Evan Feigenbaum and Damien Ma for giving me the opportunity to collaborate with them, and thanks also to the surprisingly large number of people who have already heard about this and sent kind wishes.

I should probably also make clear that the usual disclaimer applies: this is my personal blog, and the views expressed here are mine and not those of my employer, nor of the Paulson Institute.

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