The return of the random Sun Ra title generator

Since it’s the summer, I’ve been indulging myself a bit. On my very first website, back in 1996, I wrote a goofy piece of software to generate song titles in the distinctive, cosmic style of Sun Ra–an attempt to imitate the inimitable, of course, but still entertaining (to me, anyway). I forgot about it for a long time, but it popped back to mind recently on a long bus ride, and I decided to recreate it. Random generator technology has advanced some since then, so it was not too hard to do. And the result is still a source of nearly endless amusement for this Sun Ra fan. Here it is, press the More button as many times as you want:

The Random Sun Ra Title Generator

One of the fun little things about life in Beijing is that you can see Sun Ra almost everyday–it’s part of the logo of a major brand of electric bikes. I still get a kick out of this.



  1. Here are some choice early results from the random generator. The gift that keeps on giving…

    Tone Lightning
    The Prophecy Equation
    An Endless Rhythm
    The Wilderness Nebula
    A Golden Tomorrow
    The Other Mysterious Thing
    Dark Loneliness
    Abstract Egyptian Sounds
    The Dawn Vibration
    Nowhere World
    From Beautiful Darkness
    The Endless Spheres
    A Black Secret
    Of Deep Thunder


  2. A few more that I enjoyed:

    The Dream Overtones
    Outside The Stars
    The Romance Of An Unknown Image
    The Changing Sky
    Music Of A New Soul
    Immeasurable One
    An Egyptian Otherness
    Of Shadows And Science
    Fate Of A Living Voice
    The Solar Planes
    Of Endless Forms
    The Loneliness Zone
    The Eternal Day


  3. Thank you for revisiting this, I loved the original and used it to title my musical doodles. The Beautiful Infinity Beyond True Time is the title of my first CD


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